The Design Process

Geoscapes take a fresh approach to garden design, finding innovative and creative ways to make the most of your space. With an extensive construction background we have a keen eye for designing gardens that work practically but also look beautiful, giving our clients unique outdoor spaces to enjoy. Our design process is broken down into a 3 stage process:


Initial meeting and discussion

We meet with you and take a look at your garden to discuss your ideas and plans. We also run through the design costs and formulate a plan moving forward.

Site Survey, sketch designs and concept sketches

If you are happy to proceed with the design, we return to conduct a full site survey. This involves taking accurate measurements of the site, plotting out where underground services lie and assessing existing features and trees. We then go away and come up with 2 or 3 sketch designs for the garden with supporting concept sketches. We present these at another meeting and discuss the designs to formulate a final plan for the garden going forward.

Final Design and specification

After discussing the sketches we begin to put the final design together, this is drawn to scale on paper with all features drawn in detail and rendered (colour). A cross sectional diagram may be used, if appropriate, to better illustrate the design. We also include a suggested plant list (not planting plan) and material list to help with visualising the design. Full planting plans can also be done separately on request, but are not generally included within the standard design. We then present our design to you and discuss costings, all estimates based on our designs are free of charge.