Formal garden design and build

By Projects

Structure in a garden is very important, this garden follows a formal structure with a twist. The brief was to vastly reduce the original lawn area and create a lower maintenance space. Raised planters were added to frame the existing patio and provide some height making the area more secluded. A raised sleeper boarder at the base of an existing wall, breaks up the expanse of brickwork and gives the planting within instant height.

Pathways travel seamlessly round the garden with scented walkways and shrubs planting to either side. This allows the client to take a journey round the garden, opening up new spaces to enjoy. The planting follows a more formal, modern feel nearer the house and becomes less structured towards the boundaries, emphasised by the winding path edge.

Small and simple garden makeover

By Projects

This small garden was transformed in a relatively short space of time with limited access. New 6ft closeboard fencing has been installed with a new gate and lock. Two small sandstone patio areas have been added with an adjoining path and matching sandstone setts. The lawn has also been replaced. This project has allowed a young family to enjoy their outdoor space again with two entertaining areas for morning and evening sun.